How to Do Airbnb Legally in Your NYC Apartment

Why TLP made this Class:

  • We made this class because many New Yorkers want to engage in the sharing economy by doing Airbnb or other short-term subleasing in their NYC apartments without breaking the law or legally jeopardizing their tenancies.
  • New Yorkers want to learn best practices for avoiding trouble if they are doing everything with respect to their short-term subletting legally.
  • Thus, we made this class, which comes with a 40-page book, eight video lessons containing 72 minutes of material, and a 30-question quiz.

This class is for the following people:

  • people who rent an apartment in a one or two family home
  • people who rent an apartment in a building with three or more units
  • Rent Stabilized tenants
  • free market tenants
  • co-op shareholders
  • people renting an apartment from a co-op shareholder or condo unit owner
  • Interim Multiple Dwelling tenants

In this class, you will learn:

  • About the short term leasing law and what exactly is prohibited; we will examin:
    • The Multiple Dwelling Law
    • The Housing Maintenance Code
    • The basic rule about what you can and cannot do in New York City
  • How not to confuse short-term subletting with a tenant’s right to a roommate or to sublet
  • How a lease can prohibit short-term subletting
  • How Rent Stabilized tenants have further prohibitions against short-term subletting
  • About co-ops and short-term subletting
  • About lofts and short-term subletting
  • How tenants may not alter their apartments in order to do short-term subletting
  • How your Airbnb activity can be detected, including about how these things are used to detect and prove short-term subletting activity:
    • Your Airbnb activity online
    • Public social media data
    • Other tenants and building personnel
    • Private investigators working for the landlord
    • Keys and lock boxes
  • About what can go legally wrong if you do short term subletting in your apartment, including:
    • How you might not be distinguishable from a professional operator
    • How you might get violations and fines from the City
    • About summary holdover proceedings and possible eviction
    • About the Tenant Black List
  • How your guest might harm someone or something in the building and create legal liability for you
  • What is on a checklist for avoiding short-term subletting legal problems
  • About short-term subletting success stories

What will you able to do after you fully take this class?

  • You will no longer be confused about what manner of short-term subletting is prohibited in the particular type of apartment you live in, so you can make good decisions about if and how to engage in short-term subletting.
  • If the ability to short-term sublet is a big deal for you, you will be better able to choose an apartment and sign a lease that permits such activity.
  • You will be able to protect yourself from a landlord who claims you are violating the law if, in fact, you are not.
  • You will be able to lessen the chances of encountering several short-term subletting legal problems.

Elements of this Class:

  • Book
  • Video Lessons
  • Quiz

Price: $75

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