Pets and Emotional Support Animals in NYC No-Pet Buildings

Why TLP made this Class:

New Yorkers love their pets and many people in these difficult times need an Emotional Support Animal. Many New York City landlords, however, do not allow animals in apartments. Fortunately, a landlord’s objection is not always enough to legally prevent a tenant from having an animal, if the tenant takes the correct steps. There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the laws in this area. Tenant Learning Platform made this class to teach New Yorkers their rights with respect to pets and Emotional Support Animals in no-pets buildings, so they can avoid painful mistakes.

This class is for the following people:

  • Apartment seekers who want to adopt an animal or who have an animal already.
  • Tenants considering adopting an animal or who have an animal, who live in buildings with three or more apartments, including free-market tenants, and especially those who own their co-op or who are Rent Stabilized. This class will have less to offer to tenants renting in one- or two-family buildings or who live in a New York City Housing Authority building.
  • If you already have adopted an animal and you are being threatened with eviction over the animal, then keep in mind that this class is not a substitute for legal counsel, which you should seek immediately.

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to crack the code on animals in New York City apartment buildings, starting by learning to read what your lease has to say about animals in your building and the relationship of New York City statutes to your lease.
  • How to choose an apartment appropriate for you and your animal, from a legal perspective.
  • All about the Three-Month Rule and how it may protect you from eviction if you have an unauthorized animal.
  • The definition of an Emotional Support Animal, as distinguished from a regular pet or from a service animal.
  • Best practice steps for establishing your entitlement to an Emotional Support Animal in a no-pets building.
  • Factors to weigh when considering adopting an animal in a no-pets building.

Elements of this Class:

  • Book
  • Quiz
  • Video Lessons

Price: $75

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