Tenant Learning Platform

The Tenant Learning Platform delivers on-demand, online classes for NYC tenants on specific legal topics, to help tenants prevent and solve problems concerning their apartments, without a lawyer.



The Problem

  • You have a landlord and tenant issue.
  • You make too much money to qualify for a Legal Aid attorney.
  • You can’t find a tenant attorney, whom you can afford, that you feel comfortable with.
  • NYC landlord and tenant law is complicated.
  • You can’t find answers online.
  • Your landlord probably has better information than you do because she does housing all day.
  • You are busy! You don’t have unlimited time to figure this out yourself.
  • You don’t want a big legal battle.
  • You just wish you knew what your rights and responsibilities are.
  • You just wish you knew where to start and what, exactly, to do.

The Solution

Take a class on the Tenant Learning Platform! Here’s how:

  • Choose the class that addresses your specific issue.
  • Each class has three parts – a book, video lessons, and an interactive quiz.
  • The book is a comprehensive guide on its topic. It will explain, in clear language, what the law is and where to find it. The books contain plenty of helpful examples and practical advice.
  • The video lessons are voiced-over slides, which contain short videos of actors, acting out situations that demonstrate core concepts.
  • Taking the multiple-choice quiz will help make sure that you have learned what is most important. If you get an answer wrong, the quiz tells you the correct answer. Each question points you to the section of the book to re-read and the lessons to re-watch to reinforce the relevant concept.

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