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Welcome to the Tenant Law Podcast, where we talk about new, interesting, and/or important legal cases affecting New York City tenants. Listen on Apple, Spotify, Youtube. There are also a bunch of great blog posts on this page of tenant questions and Tenant Learning Platform instructor’s answers.

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The Difference Between Subtenants and Roommates and Why it Matters

In Episode 18 we discuss the very important difference between a roommate and a subtenant, and we explain why that difference is so important. Listen of Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora, Castbox or wherever you get your podcasts. Links: Tenant Law Podcast Website Episode 6: How do I succeed to (inherit) a Rent Stabilized apartment? Today’s

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Now Rent Stabilized tenants can add their domestic partners to their leases! And considerations before adding a spouse or a partner to a lease.

In Episode 17 we discuss a new rule allowing Rent Stabilized tenants to add their Domestic Partners to their leases, and we also cover some considerations for any Rent Stabilized tenant considering adding a spouse or a partner to their lease. Listen on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora, Castbox, or wherever you get your podcasts! Links: The

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Short-Term Renting (Like Airbnb) in New York City After Local Law 18; Which NYC Tenants Can Still Do Short-Term Renting Legally and How?

In Episode 16 we discuss Airbnb, and all kinds of Short-Term Renting in the wake of the controversial New York City Local Law 18, which recently went into effect. Listen on Spotify, Apple, Google, Amazon Music, Castbox, and all over the place! Today’s pod will be longer than our typical 10 minutes because this is a

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Can excessive noise from a neighboring apartment legally justify a tenant withholding rent in New York City? And can a tenant run a daycare in their NYC apartment?

In Episode 15 we discuss whether excessive noise from a neighboring apartment violates the warranty of habitability and justifies a tenant withholding rent in New York City. The episode also explores the legality of operating a Group Family Daycare in a New York City apartment. Listen on Spotify, Apple, or Google. Ask us your questions

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