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Welcome to the Tenant Law Podcast, where we talk about new, interesting, and/or important legal cases affecting New York City tenants. Listen on Apple, Spotify, Youtube. There are also a bunch of great blog posts on this page of tenant questions and Tenant Learning Platform instructor’s answers.

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If you leave your apartment for a long time, can your landlord change the locks?

In Episode 14, we see a tenant who drove a U-Haul up to his apartment, removed most of his possessions, and drove away for eight months. When he came back, the landlord had changed the locks. Would the court restore this tenant to possession? And why? Listen on Spotify, Apple, or Google. Link to Today’s

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Can I gain leverage in Housing Court if my landlord makes a procedural mistake?

In Episode 3 we discuss a Housing Court case that was dismissed because, although the apartment was located on the second floor of a building, the landlord described the apartment as being on the first floor. This leads us to an interesting Tenant Takeaway about how to turn winning a battle into maybe doing better

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Tenant Question: Help! My Landlord Started an Eviction Case Against Me for Doing Airbnb in My Apartment

Hannah from Roosevelt Island asks: My landlord is suing to evict me because I did some Airbnb. Although I’ve been a full-time tenant, I have occasionally rented out the apartment on Airbnb and other sites. This past Fall my grandmother took ill, so I spent a lot of time back and forth to England, where

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