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Welcome to the Tenant Law Podcast, where we talk about new, interesting, and/or important legal cases affecting New York City tenants. Listen on Apple, Spotify, Youtube. There are also a bunch of great blog posts on this page of tenant questions and Tenant Learning Platform instructor’s answers.

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The Difference Between Subtenants and Roommates and Why it Matters

In Episode 18 we discuss the very important difference between a roommate and a subtenant, and we explain why that difference is so important. Listen of Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Pandora, Castbox or wherever you get your podcasts. Links: Tenant Law Podcast Website Episode 6: How do I succeed to (inherit) a Rent Stabilized apartment? Today’s

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I am a subtenant, I think the tenant I am renting from is Rent Stabilized and overcharging me. What do I do? Can I collect my overcharge award directly from the landlord?

In Episode 4 we discuss what happens when a Rent Stabilized tenant sublets her apartment to a subtenant and overcharges the subtenant more than the legally regulated rent. The tenant could owe the subtenant the overcharge amount back, plus triple damages. Today’s case is interesting because the DHCR held that the landlord, as well as

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The Difference Between a Roommate and a Subtenant

Tenant Question: I am the only person on my lease. I live in a 40-unit building. I want to take on a roommate for six months, for the fall school semester. The managing agent of my building insisted on meeting my roommate and having her fill out paperwork before he would issue her a key

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