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How do I succeed to (inherit) a Rent Stabilized apartment?

Apr 25, 2023

In Episode 6 we discuss how to succeed to (inherit) a Rent Stabilized apartment. We also talk about what happens if you family member is unwilling to testify on your behalf in court.

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There is a DHCR form that the tenant can fill out, that helps establish that you are a potential successor. Notice To Owner Of Family Members Residing With The Named Tenant In The Apartment Who May Be Entitled To Succession Rights/Protection From Eviction (DHCR Form RA- 23.5).

We have a free booklet available on the Tenant Learning Platform called “How Protect Your Rent Stabilized Apartment From a Nonprimary Residence Claim”. It is not exactly on the succession topic, but its close, and the booklet lists all the ways you can prove that a tenant or occupant is a primary resident of a Rent Stabilized apartment.

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